Yuletide TV: A Christmas Podcast

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Bonus Ep. 6 - The Magnificent Seven (1960)

In the final installment of "Screw You, Watch This," Chris hops back in the saddle and has Brian and Jon watch the original Magnificent Seven from 1960. Along the way they discuss hand sanitizer, killing the coronavirus with fireworks, taking back the term UFO, the fact the hosts are three dumb white guys, Jon struggling to remember the band the Chainsmokers, Rhonda Rousey, Vin Diesel, and what their campaign slogans would be if they ever ran for office. 

Wikipedia entry for The Magnificent Seven: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magnificent_Seven


Bonus Ep. 5 - Justified

Brian takes over the podcast to talk about the pilot episode of the FX series Justified starring Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins. Over the course of the episode, the Yuletide boys also discuss the recent movies Jon has watched while quarantining, whether Chris is the Heat Miser or Cold Miser, Walton Goggins other great roles, Chris's efforts to avoid infecting the elves at the North Pole as the Polar Express visits twice in one episodes, and what does or does not constitute the Midwest. 

IMDB for the pilot of Justified: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1522554/


Bonus Ep. 4 - Cowboy Bebop

Jon takes the reins in the first edition of "Screw You, Watch This" by making Chris and Brian watch the final three episodes of Cowboy Bebop (available on Hulu). The boys talk anime for almost an hour while Chris tries to figure out what he just watched, Brian tries to say some words, and Jon tries to be the best podcast host around. Also there's a small Digimon update. 

Bonus Ep. 3 - The Town

Happy March! The boys watch and discuss a Jeremy Renner classic, The Town, also starring Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm. Other topics include: how rewatchable Ben Affleck movies are, when Jon Hamm peaked. whether or not someone is SWAT, and what the podcast covers over the next three months. 

Wikipedia entry for The Town: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Town_(2010_film)

Bonus Ep. 2 - Klute!

The boys watch one of their most discussed films from the first season of the podcast: Klute, starring Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda. Available to rent via iTunes or Amazon Prime Video. They also debate whether or not Donald Sutherland is a nerd and if this movie can in any way be considered appropriate holiday viewing. 

Wikipedia entry for this movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klute

Bonus Ep. 1 - Christmas Cooldown

The hosts return to talk about how they spent their holidays, how the first season of the podcast went, what their favorite and least favorite episodes were and what comes next for their Christmas TV podcast.

Ep. 20 - Malcolm in the Middle: Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas! It’s finally here. We reach the end of our holiday viewing journey with “Christmas Trees” from Malcolm in Middle (available on Hulu).

Before the priests come and shut down our operation, we also discuss: getting bitten by squirrels, how Bryan Cranston made the transition from Malcolm in the Middle to Breaking Bad, Chris confuses his co-hosts, Brian tries to rack all the shows’ we’ve watched theme songs, wrestling podcasts with bad names, Christmas Tree buying tips, Chris being 30, Dad traditions, and we try and decide where to go next. 

IMDB for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0640303/

Ep. 19 - Adventure Time: The More You Moe, The More You Know

Come on and grab your friends as watch and review “The More You Moe, The More You Know,” from the seventh season of Cartoon Network series Adventure Time (available on Hulu).

We do some adventuring ourselves as we talk about other topics, like: Jon wants to watch The Wire, we explore some new marketing ideas, we discuss what we want to accomplish before Christmas arrives, how murder-y this episode is, does this qualify as a Christmas episode, how this episode appeals to adults and children, deception and Christmas going hand in hand, Chris compares BMO to Jesus, and we prepare for our final episode. 

IMDB for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5252828/

Ep. 18 - Arrow: Year’s End

Head’s up: Jon’s audio gets a little dicey around the middle. Not unlistenable, but annoying. It smooths out after a bit, so be patient and it’ll all work out. 

We try and make our holiday super while see if Arrow hits the Christmas bullseye in the first season episode “Year’s End” (available on Netflix).

Less heroic topics include: the best beers for family Christmas celebrations, Arrow’s flashback failures, a plethora of “Previously On” problems, whether bow and arrow fights are dorky, more deep cuts from The Town, Arrow living in Batman’s shadow, Oliver’s casual murder sprees, gift giving vs. obstructing justice, bad nicknames, Dick Wolf’s Chicago-verse, the new season of Bojack Horseman, Milwaukee’s Public Health ads, Brian is pissed about Oliver’s lack of party planning initiative, James Bond’s best friend, how hot the dudes are in this episode, Brian’s Stephen Amell grudge, Stephen Amell’s wrestling prowess, and Chris goes full Podcast Dad. 

IMDB for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5159444/

Ep. 17 - Fresh Off the Boat: The Real Santa

We unpack another tricky episode as Fresh Off the Boat tries to determine the truth about “The Real Santa” in this season two episode of the ABC sitcom (available on Hulu).

Other complex Christmas conversations include: Hated holiday carols, whether Jingle Bells is public domain, complicated Santa Claus coverup schemes, people loving Santa, the horrors of Sinterklass, is Collateral a Christmas movie, the brilliance of Constance Wu and Randall Park, Lao Ban Santa vs. Lo Pan Santa, Brian starts bits he can’t finish, Godwin’s law, the art of letting it ride, gift ideas from the Flying J truck stop, we confront our whiteness, and appreciate Ray Wise. 

IMDB for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5159444/