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S2 Ep. 15 - M*A*S*H: Death Takes a Holiday

Merry Christmas from the Yuletide TV podcast! Chris is here to close out season 2 with his personal favorite pick of "Death Takes a Holiday" from the ninth season of M*A*S*H (available on Hulu). Not as much goofing around on this episode, as the boys settle into a more thoughtful discussion about the themes present in this episode.

Non-Christmas topics include: Alan Alda, the timelessness of M*A*S*H, dead parents, charitable giving etiquette, and life lessons.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported our second season (especially you Sean). Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

This episode's featured Christmas podcast is Holly Jolly Xmasu: https://hollyjollyxmasu.libsyn.com/.

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0638292/.

We'll see you on Jan. 25 for our first bonus episode of 2021!

S2 Ep. 14 - The Simpsons: Miracle on Evergreen Terrace

It's the second to last episode of the season, and Jon is sharing his personal favorite pick "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace" from the ninth season of The Simpsons (available on Disney+). With so many Simpsons holiday episodes to choose from, does this one have what it takes to be called a Christmas Classic? Listen in and find out.

Non-Christmas topics include: birthdays, video games, real trees vs. fake ones, object permanence, Jeopardy, Jon giving all the hosts their "dad" designations, Green Bay broadcasters, stealing, and MMA moves. 

This episodes featured Christmas podcast is Christmas Clatter with Todd Killian: https://www.christmasclatter.com/

Listen into the episode of Christmas Clatter that Chris and Brian guested on here: https://www.christmasclatter.com/episodes/episode/21fafa6a/your-space-needle-is-stupid.

Wikipedia entry for this episode of The Simpsons: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_on_Evergreen_Terrace.

S2 Ep. 13 - Supernatural: A Very Supernatural Christmas

Fire up the Impala as we take "A Very Supernatural Christmas" drive from the shows third season (available on Netflix). If you can handle the chaotic start of this episode, you'll be rewarded with the boys thoughts on whether or not the demonic nature of the show can also capture the proper Christmas spirit.

Non-Christmas topics include: sledding, writer's strikes, the Anit-Hanks, space gods, more of Jon's tales from working retail, body horror, and Wisconsin stuff.

We also do our best to stake our claim as the official bad boys of the Christmas Podcast World.

Apologies to any Greeks who listen to this episode. 

This week's featured Christmas podcast is Santa By The Minute: https://santabytheminute.podbean.com/.

Learn more about the Peshtigo fire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peshtigo_fire.

And here's Charlie Behrens Youtube channel if you're in the mood for some Midwest humor: https://www.youtube.com/c/CharlieBerens/videos.


S2 Ep. 12 - Baywatch: Silent Night, Baywatch Night (Parts 1 & 2)

Slather on the sunscreen, throw on your shades, and do your best slow motion jog as you listen to the Yuletide crew close out Blind Pick Week with the two-part "Silent Night, Baywatch Night" from the fifth season of syndicated TV classic Baywatch (available on Hulu). Chris leads the boys on a discussion that involves grifting, flirting with priests, and possibly Santa's actual elves. Will that be enough to rescue it from being deemed a Lump of Coal? Listen in to find out.

Non-Christmas topics include: the show's banging theme song, David Hasselhoff's commanding presence, how boats work, lifeguard salaries, Sadie Hawkins dances, and wrestling crossovers.

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0394327/.

This episodes featured Christmas podcast is Feliz Christmas Merry Navidad: https://www.facebook.com/FCMNPodcast/.


S2 Ep. 11 - BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina’s Christmas Wish

Jon bends the rules a bit to talk about his Blind Pick Week selection, the BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina's Christmas Wish (available on Netflix), which is part Christmas special, part episode, part episode within an episode. Can the boys stop repeating jokes from this show long enough to make a decision on whether or not it's a Christmas Classic? Listen in to find out. 

Non-Christmas topics include: saying words wrong, trying to remember Brian's growing list of nicknames, Jon doing a bit, theme songs, catchphrases, Gary Busey, Aaron Paul, and Bronies. 

This episodes featured Christmas Podcast is the NetfliXmas Podcast: https://netflixmaspodcast.podbean.com/.

IMDB info for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4294938/.

Free trivia answer: Oklahoma


S2 Ep.10 - Ally McBeal: Tis the Season

Blind Pick Week kicks off with "Tis the Season" from the fourth season of Ally McBeal (available on Hulu). Will this episode from a show the boys have little familiarity with be able to charm them enough to be called a Christmas Classic, or will it be too dated to be anything more than Lump of Coal?

Non-Christmas topics include: Macy Gray, Robert Downey Jr., dated 90's language, surprising cast members, secret children, Brian's new nickname, heights, karaoke, Christmas movie spoilers, and the return of the Polar Express.

This episode's featured Christmas podcast is Totally Rad Christmas: https://www.buzzsprout.com/840331.

IMDB for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0510369/.



S2 Ep. 9 - Clone High: Snowflake Day

Animation week comes to a close with Chris having the boys watch an obscure one season wonder from the early aughts. "Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode" from the series Clone High (available on the MTV app or YouTube), isn't a traditional Christmas episode by any means, but there still might be a few holiday feels to find in this oddball entry.

Non-Christmas topics include: JFK impressions, tiny homes, holiday lumping, Kwanzaa, knorks, setting up jokes, Chili's, airports, upsetting all the fanbases, celebrity crushes, Mandy Moore, the West Wing, and Chris revealing his master plan to replace Jon and Brian as his cohosts. 

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0542914/

This episode's featured Christmas podcast is the Christmas Podcasts podcast: https://christmaspodcasts.com/.


S2 Ep. 8 - American Dad: Rapture’s Delight

Jon takes over for the second episode of our animated shows week, revisiting American Dad to examine the fifth season episode "Rapture's Delight" (available on Hulu). Will this unconventional Christmas tale charm the boys enough to be considered a Christmas Classic, or will its post-apocalyptic setting make it too difficult to overcome being called a Lump of Coal? Only way to find out is to listen!

Non-Christmas topics include: hugging during the panny, Tik Tok, office work, Jon's piercing experiences, Brian bringing big Wife Guy energy to the show, movies that aired on TNT, jumping the shark, and the best and worst Starburst flavors. 

Wikipedia entry for this episode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapture%27s_Delight.




S2 Ep. 7 -The Venture Bros.: A Very Venture Christmas

A new week means a new theme, and Brian kicks off a weeklong look at animated shows with "A Very Venture Christmas" from the first(ish) season of The Venture Bros. (available on Amazon Prime). As Chris tries to understand what exactly happened in this episode, Brian and Jon delight in this merry holiday adventure from the early years of the Adult Swim programming block.

Non-Christmas topics include: pop-culture references, Holland, being smart, Rick & Morty, Magic the Gathering, and Patrick Warburton impressions. 

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0739347/.

This episode's featured Christmas Podcast is Season's Eatings: https://seasonseatingspodcast.libsyn.com/.


S2 Ep. 6 - Band of Brothers: Bastogne

It's time to get somber as the boys attack "Bastogne" from acclaimed HBO miniseries Band of Brothers (available on HBOMAX). The wartime setting sparks a series of conversations that ultimately leads the hosts to the profound conclusion that war, is bad. But can the Christmas cheer overcome the bloodshed and despair prominently featured in this episode? You'll have to listen in to find out.

Non-Christmas topics include: war (like lots of talk about war), Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, David Schwimmer, dells, finding humanity in forsaken places, and Jon confusing some Marvel roles. 

IMDB entry for this episode: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1247462/

Learn more about Renee Lemaire: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9e_Lemaire.

This episode's featured Christmas Podcast is Merry Britsmas: https://merrybritsmas.podbean.com/.


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